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Restaurants in Bucharest

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All about Bucharest restaurants : detailed descriptions, many photos, contact details, maps,etc

   80 s Restaurant
J.L. Calderon street

Dependency on the 80’s
A shelter and a generic meeting spot in the area of Gradina Icoanei, the “La 80” bar was the result of several ideas of.. ..more.

  Al Macaronaro Restaurant
13 Sfantul Stefan street

We look for intimacy by using different methods. We also want to be treated sometimes as olden boyars. For these reasons and for a few other more we present you...more

  Ali -Baba Restaurant
213 Mihai Bravu blv 

The oriental spirit and cuisine is best mirrored in one of the most authentic restaurants in Bucharestwith specifically Lebanese, Persian, Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish food....more.

Beciul Boierilor Restaurant
Stirbei Voda street 129

Beciul Boierilor(The Boyar’s cellar)! The great that this name can sound, a name of a place inviting you to fine food and drinks. It sounds good, it looks cosy....more.

  Bistro Club H Restaurant
Iancu Capitanu street 31

Bistro Club H was opened late 2006 with one of tho most tasty and real traditional menus, intimacy, brightly colored design, pleasant light and a friendly and unsophisticated atmosphere....more.

  Casa Di Angelo Restaurant
70A Camil Ressu blv 

There are certainly enough days when you don’t feel like going downtown to eat well, and, in the last resort, why covering a long distance when you have “Casa Di Angelo” Restaurant – the elegant restaurant from Nicolae Grigorescu area, very close to the subway station....more.

  Casa Diham Restaurant
 1A Nicolae Grigorescu blv

A good pub always full! A pub with big plasma to watch any match, jets of chilly air in summer, pub arrangements and a rich menu. With this recommendation for Casa Diham  from a friend we landed in the area...more

  Casa Morarilor Restaurant
Morarilor street 2

Since 2006, the year of its inauguration, it has become an appreciated location in the area for the cuisine with Romanian & international trait and for its availability to organize any event with seriousness, at fair prices...more.

  Crama Domneasca Restaurant
Selari street 13-15

Crama Domneasca is, without doubt, one of the most representative and successful restaurant projects in Bucharest.First of all it valorizes the old peasant and bourgeois cuisine in a historical site of prime importance for Bucharest s chronicles: Curtea Veche...

Don Taco Restaurant
101 Doctor Felix street

Mexican food is an excellent form of excitement of the senses: your tongue is pinched, your taste buds are in fire, and you eyes are starting out of your head, due to a pleasant hot taste that…is addictive...more

  Habibi Restaurant
98 Vasile Lascar street

“Habibi” – an excellent Lebanese restaurant in downtown Bucharest, with a renowned chief cook with over 20 year career in restaurants in Lebanon, Syria, Italy and Romania...more

  Garlic Pub
Icoanei 66 near  Eminescu 154

A cheerful bulb of garlic which lures you to garden parties welcomed us from the company’s blazon. The garlic is the lucky spice for Garlic Pub, a specialized restaurant with experts in pizza made in oven with wood, barbecues and pasta...more

   Il Carnivale Pizzeria
intr. Mariuca 1 ,Berceni Neighbourhood

At Il Carnivale you may be served a good authentic pizza, with nothing less from that in Italia. A rapid and skilled pizza chef (see pictures), best quality ingredients and wooden oven ..more.

  Ivespri Siciliani Restaurant
120d  Fundeni Street

IVESPRI SICILIANI restaurant successfully pays a tribute to the Sicilian cuisine. Sicily and its cuisine are renowned for their wines, specific pastry, pasta, vegetables and overripe fruits and of course, for the sun...more

  Jade Restaurant
25 Baba Novac street

The Baba-Novac area has long deserved a stylish restaurant like “Jade” Restaurant – Lounge – Café which was relatively newly launched. Discreetly placed...more

   Lascar Restaurant 
Dimitrie Racovita street 18

Located in a quiet area in Bucharest,the building which preserves the inter-war period air shelters the Lascar restaurant today, a place with a friendly relaxing atmosphere and, last but not least, with tasty plain Romanian food and high-quality drinks like in the logo which defines us: “Dainty dishes and wines”...more

  L Harmattan Restaurant
56 Franceza street

Moroccan Journal
The tasty Morocco and the sophisticated France combine in the centre of old Bucharest, in the menus of the "L Harmattan" restaurant...more

  LIncontro Pub Restaurant
Postavarului street

L Incontro is the name of a pub network in Bucharest, which found a well-deserved place on the gastronomic landmarks list of the inhabitants of Bucharest due to the first rate food, the large portions and the excellent price-quality ratio...more

   La Casa Iorga Restaurant
Buzesti street 36

After more than a century the house resurrects in an unexpected and interesting way in the shape of a refined restaurant which bears the name of the famous writer, historian and art critic.Pret-a-manger? The Casa Iorga’s menu is particularly fish. A combination of fish, Oriental sauces and dishes from various meridians...more

  La Piciorul Porcului Restaurant
9 Gheorghe Petrascu street

If the tenet “The best vegetable is pork” is familiar to you, and your heart desires a genuine feast from time to time, it will be a real pleasure for you to “subdue” your senses to a ram pastrami, bean stock, calf roulade or grouse...more

La Platani Restaurant
9bis Oltenitei street

The restaurant has been functioning since 2006 and is very popular, especially in week-end. It is especially preferred by couples for its romantic ambience but also by those who want to organize a special event...more

  Legenda Restaurant
156 Mihai Eminescu street

Today we take you to the place where the gourmet pleasures of life happily meet other pleasant occupations, like slow music and stories of the food from the promise land...more

  Livada cu Visini Restaurant
77 Grigore Alexandrescu street

Have you ever wondered which is the resemblance between food and theatre?Well, the answer is at the “Livada cu visini”(Cherry orchard) restaurant from Bucharest.Diversity...more

  Mignon Restaurant
5d Nicolae Grigorescu

Mignon Restaurant, located at the Diham crossroad, opened in 2006, with a smaller location (as the French title suggests), extended, thus becoming a polyvalent location in process of time...more

   Nagoya Catering Chinese Food
b-dul alexandru ioan cuza,nr 62a,sector 1

Chinese food is a sample of refinement and balance. Tasteful combinations from Nagoya, richly spiced and first of all very healthy cooked..more.

  Nautilus Restaurant
48 Popa Nan street

Abord the "Nautilus "you will live an exciting fishing adventure. Fight with the sammon " carpacio ", drowned in extremely delicious vegetable soup. The imperial shrimp deserve their name of menu heroes...more

   Norma Restaurant
Str. Alecu Russo nr 12

Such a vast and delicious menu subjugates you, not to add that I heard about the efforts made to be supplied with all the necessary ingredients...more.

  Planet Restaurant
18 Fluierului street, near Protv

A restaurant that gives the impression that you are between hawk and buzzard as soon as you step in, where you never eat with the idea that you may be diddled as regards the quantity and which provides quality in each detail...more

   Roxanne Restaurant
Blv Marasesti 16

During the lunch hours the restaurant is invaded by those who have their offices in the perimeter of Marasesti Avenue, in the evening there are many young people, and on the week-end groups of friends feast away forgetting about time and sing on each other’s shoulder at a wine/beer or hard liquor...more

  Samara Restaurant
 4 Rotunda Street

Samara Restaurant has an oriental trait, but also a Romanian one and it was opened in the autumn of 2006 near the Titan Park. It s excellent as regards the flexibility and facilities for...more

  Smart s Restaurant & pub
4 Alexandru Donici street

"Les sauces font la musique dans la cuisine.." Al.Dumas
The home of the best salmon crepes, apple and vanilla parfait, roasts and the place with one of the widest menus...more

    Terasa Doamnei Restaurant
Doamnei street 9

At “Terasa Doamnei”, the most pleasant place for an inroad into the Romanian gastronomy, you can find folk music, shows that take place every evening and the wonderful Romanian cuisine served in an ambience specific to an old-time inn. Any time you have foreign guests eager to taste some specific Romanian food, you can confidently guide them to Terasa Doamnei...more

  Trattoria Roma Restaurant
 1 Doctor Lister street

Trattoria Roma is a peculiar type among the multitude of trattorias on the specialized market. It is a stylish place where there are no table cloths...more

  Trattoria Bocca Restaurant
Jean Louis Calderon street 41

Fresh home-made pasta. They are made and served together with numerous Italian specialties in the very centre of Bucharest at Trattoria Bocca since May 2008...more

   Tre Archi Italian Restaurant
str David Emanuel 4

Imagine a corner of Italy, a pleasant summer garden ornamented with statues, the old and imposing mirror, angels, all accompanied by..more.

  Tulin Restaurant
2 Constantin Stahi street

A premium restaurant, with genuine Lebanese food, Tulin is placed in a shining, elegant and intimate villa, with many booths, chimney downstairs and a nostalgia after the long-gone days of the Orient...more

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