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Bucharest bars-coffee-clubs-disco-pubs

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Bucharest bars-coffee-clubs-disco-pubs_en

  Beyond Club
170 Basarabia blv

A very popular location in the Titan area, Beyond Club is a pizzeria, a restaurant and a stylish club house as well. Just think of the facilities for...more

  Boheme Cafe
11 Caderea Bastiliei street

A stylish villa in the heart of the city, but away from the roaring of the city. And as I was told about an adventure 4 in 1: I found four different spaces for four options...more

Caribe Caffe
4 Decebal street

When you say “Caribe” your thoughts are bathed in endless turquoise waters of leisure and pleasant slackness. Cafe Caribe, a pub in Decebal area...more

  Cinemateca Cafe
2 Eforie street

Devoted to the past, but always looking towards the future, the cinema, besides its role as a museum of images, excites all your senses. For quiet evenings...more

Colosseum Club
48-50 Victoriei street

Just like the Colosseum – the emblem of Rome, Colosseum club from Pasajul Victoriei has grandiose parties to offer. The Romans used to come to the Colosseum in order to enjoy themselves with the gladiators’ shows...more

  Coyote Cafe
48-50 Victoriei street

The Coyote listens to blues, old style, rock, and a night here - which is by far one of the best live music clubs - will make your senses explode. At the Coyote Cafe...more

  Cube Cafe
54 Dorobanti street

The “CUBE” café’s space is witness to pinching, romantic, funny, and relaxing discussions, to lovers’ whispers or to the short whispers of some new hasty partners who have just struck a bargain “to move heaven and earth”...more

  Destino Cafe
Schitu Magureanu 6 street

The destiny of a day lies in the morning cups of coffee, a coffee addict would say. When some of us still dream the tenth one, around 7.00-8.00 am, others face...more..

 9 Tudor Stefan street

How can you relax after the madness of a rabid day, where can you go out for a chat or for a portion of refreshing exotic-sourish mixes, or, depending on the situation, for a tea brought from distant places? ... more

  Harley - bar 
82 Lipscani street

Harley bar ( ex “Mes Amis” ) struck up many bacchic friendships. Some people practised their skills of dancing on the table, sang until they got hoarse and drank among friends – until the last penny...more

  Illusion Cafe
 Bibescu Voda street 19

At nightfall you can hear Piano caffe, some other day we have stand-up comedy and for the third evening the agenda is ticked off with “only women” programme.Driven by the cult of coffee...more

Lounge cafe Lolly Pop food & bar
 13 Decebal blv

Wandering through the sparkling and diverse world of the cafes and clubs in the capital, something out the ordinary can only bring you joy. Beyond the provocatively sweet and coloured sign board...more

  Lucky 13 - cafe&bar
Lipscani - 9-11 Selari street

Landmarks: Curtea Sticlarilor (The yard of glass blowers) from old Bucharest; blues, jazz & rock, and a certain attitude that you really want to experiment. It is a place that will surely fit with your desires...more

  Nany Cafe
Popa Tatu nr 1 street

Near by Cismigiu Park, Nany Café is the place for you to luxuriate in over 22 sorts of coffee.. .more..

Opium Stage Club
Passage Villacrosse,Calea Victoriei 16-20

Everybody laughs, sings and dances.We found that the recently opened Opium Stage club (the elder brother of the well-known Opium Studio) is a glamorous space of 700 square meters...more

  Opium Studio -bar&club
5bis  Horei street

All the compliments for Opium are due to its interiour design and delirious atmosphere: a strong decadent perfume of the walls, which look old on purpose, a bit shrivelled, and statues taken from unaccountable dreams...more

  Oktoberfest Pub
Selari 9-11 street

Beerhouse afterparty
Let’s become friends at one or two meters of blonde beverage offered by Oktoberfest Pub..more.

   Piranha Club bar
Splaiul Independentei 313A

It is perhaps the largest and the greenest terrace in capital, a genuine park full of nice creatures. The professional stage in open-air is witness to the concerts with top artists that take place here...more

  Planters Cafe
Stirbei Voda street 68

An interesting place attracts interesting people. Planters has a clear-cut, claimed, magnetic personality. Lacking the usual stiffness and rigours of a central pub,it lures you to take a relaxation break...more

  Tabiet Cafe lounge
24 Drumul Taberei street 

Tabiet III – Be fabulous!The places in which the worship of coffee and well-made things is a rule are very rare. Today we go to a pub where you really know what a coffee means and each detail of the successful café image is well studied and applied...more

  Tephra Club
Domnita Anastasia street

Tephra – a sophisticated bar-lounge-club in the minutest accessories.In the middle of the area there is a fusion bar carefully delimited, conceived after martini & fusion bar, a concept brought from US...more

  Tulha pizza and bar
5 Popa Nan street

What could be better than a pizza " verramente " Italian ? A premium coffee made out of prize beans ? We can tell you a place where the two meet - Tulha...more

  Walhalla - bar&club
62 Dacia blv

We will take you to the prefered place of the Scandinavian wariors, into the paradise with which their had been rewarded for their courage and skill in handling their swords...more
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